Monday, 3 December 2012

HI All
         This Blog is a game walk through with some hints and spoilers only with a motive to complete the game. There are some side quests in the game, which happen to be not so important for the game endings.

Ok, about the game, the game is absolutely fun to play and with some bone tickling and hilarious scripts and cuts. The author has well designed the game to make sure that under no circumstances the player has to restart, as every thing is forward moving if you have the right equipments under your belt!! The game has two different stages with RPG gaming with side scrolling technique.

1. Your Hero wakes up from his sleep(naked) and is eager to begin his next quest........which he need to earn!!
2. Grab some clothes from the chest lying to the right and exit, if you dont want to meet the embarrassment at the hands of guards.
3. Meet your fellow knight in the next door where he is shining his blades to begin the quest given by the king.
4. Exit the room where you will listen that some accident has happened inside the door.
5. (optional) re- Enter that door to notice that your fellow friend has died due to a terrible accident!!
6. Go downstairs to meet the king to learn that due to shortage of men and he has delegated that quest to you!
7. Exit the castle, pick up the candy lying on the grounds and fight hordes of bandits over and goblins down the bridge to earn money and there weapons!
(Remember that with each of there blow you might loose teeth, so you need to dodge and earn money to buy a set of teeth(normal, gold, diamond))

1. Talk to the guy near the mill to have a sandwich of honey
2. Enter the wardrobe area to buy some hats helmets.........But wait you should have enough gold to complete the quest, so be careful and don't forget to buy the fake nose from him.
3. Move ahead and enter the place with drinking sign......yeah that a bar at the end of town!
4. Meet Mr. Anton sitting at far end of the seat.
5. Talk to him, to learn that he has lost his watch on a card game and he wont come anywhere untinl he wins it!
6. Help Anton to cheat in the game by hitting the right keys in the mini game.
7. Get outside the town.

1. On your way to castle a horde of bandits would stop your way and would try to steal your beauty secret! lolz ..... But the guy with you gets killed....... Kill all the bandits and grab a parchment addressed to king talking about treasure........... Now you need to Find treasure and go on a quest to distant place............ SO you need 
a) A big peice of meat
b) A Horse
c) A Map(Really!! )
2. Dont try to get inside the castle if you dont want to get killed! Or just tell them you will get Anton back.
3. Go back to town.

1. Go talk to the map maker inside the town for map, for which he would ask goblin ears(this will be on the top of the hill at old towers!)
2. Go to the food merchant and either purchase the big meat hes having or just disguise yourself with fake nose and rob him!
3. Go to far right of the town where the stable keeper would ask 1000 gold for the horse.....Don't mind we have other options........ Give the kid next to the stable candy sweet which you got earlier and tell him to distract the stable keeper.
4. Get in side the house of the keeper and get access to his personal diary.
5. Get outside and black mail the old hag to get a horse.......BUT WAIT..... don't go on quest as you need map!
6. Complete some mini quest and kill goblins and witches inside the forest. Pick their gold and weapons to sell them inside the town and earn cash. And buy right equipments to make you stronger during fights!
7. There is a cave far right of the forest full of goblins, which would eventually lead to a pond with a big fish! The tricky thing is the fish appears in between of the pond and slowly rises to swallow you up.....Don't wait after it has fully risen and is about to open its mouth at any second..... Take a jump on it and cross the river to end up at a tele-port which will eventually lead you to town.
8. After being rightly equipped climb the hills with the old tower and kill the green goblin to get his ears.
9. Go back to the town and meet the map maker to get the map to treasure.
10. Go to your horse and get set for adventure after playing Mini game on horse!!

1. You will end up at a tower with a bull guarding the gates to tomb!
2. Go to the bull to realise that you have forgot the password.
3. Move forward to the forest and meet another adventurer, tell him that there is treasure up on that tower.
4. Grab a mushroom nearby on the ground.(It will come handy later)

1. Move to the far right of the town..... where a scary lad is standing. Talk to him and tell him that you will deal with ghost.
2. Get inside the cabin and talk to the ghost.
3. Get in to next cabin and defeat the guy in a fist fight! Dont know what happens!
4. Get yourself to the first floor of pyramid and talk to alchemist and tell him that there is some rare fungus up on hills. He would require you to bring a sample!
Mini quest: 1.  Buy tree Sap from alchemist.
                  2.  Move to the extreme left of the tower and fight hordes of snails and bandits.
                  3. Get inside the cave and remove the hair from the adventurer you met earlier by attacking him!
                  4.  WOLA! Your Fungus is ready.
5. Go back to the alchemist and show him the sample!
6. Get outside the town where you found mushroom and he will start searching.
7. Hit that guy with your weapon and get his clothes.
8. Disguise yourself and enter the chamber on top of the town.
9. Get the password.
10. Exit the town immediately.

1. Go back to the tower and meet the ghost to know that he was a fraud!
2. Get in side the tower and fight skeletors and medusa.
3. Reach the last three gates with three possible endings.
4. First gate would lead to kingship.
5. Second to Death(destiny) with hilarious ending.
6. Third one would lead to the first game(Yes its a time warp or a Prequel!!)

Thanks, if you enjoyed my walk through, I missed many funny side quest as I only intended to help those who are finding hard to complete the game and seeing it as never ending. There is an old tower at the first town which you can enter. I entered it and got squashed with this guy with huge hammer!! I never retried and seriously don't know how to cross him. The game is very enjoyable to play with good funny moments and dialogues. Thanks once again!